About Us: Kabi Kabi Aboriginal Corporation

Vision Statement:

“To ensure that Kabi Kabi is a best practice organisation delivering to the community equitable access to affordable, safe, quality homes”.

Kabi Kabi has emerged from a period of turmoil with a new focus, direction, structure, management and commitment. The Kabi Kabi Board is committed to building and justifying trust with tenants, the community, funding bodies and other stakeholders.

The organisation was placed under Administration and emerged as a new organisation at the end of 2008 through the formation of a new Board of Management and a commercial partnership with North Coast Aboriginal Corporation for Community Health (NCACCH).

renting schemes and housing programsThe Kabi Kabi Board of Management has used its partnership with NCACCH to develop strategic plans and policies and contracts with NCACCH to implement these policies and plans into operational activities.

The Kabi Kabi properties are managed through a contract with a professional property management and service maintenance is provided through professional service providers in alignment with Queensland Department of Housing operational guidelines.

Kabi Kabi encourages these professionals to utilise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses, services and staff.

This model provides the community with the following benefits:

  • Directs maximum investment to the provision of housing
  • Minimises overheads and ensures high standard of services and outcomes
  • Ensures equity for all tenants and potential tenants
  • Is the model preferred by funding bodies as all activities are secured by commercial contracts and ensure accountability