Board of Directors

Roles and Responsibilities of the Kabi Directors

The role of the Directors is to provide leadership, direction and oversight to the organisation.

The Director’s charter encompasses three major elements:

  • A legal dimension – requiring a Director to conform to laws and regulations of the land. All organisations must observe and conform with the CATSI (2006) Act and a range of laws relating to financial practices, industrial relations and so on.
  • An ethical dimension – requiring a Director to demonstrate a high level of responsibility not only to members and employees but also to clients, suppliers, to tenants and to the community at large.
  • A business dimension – requiring a Director to ensure that the organisation plans effectively for sustainability, progress, advancement, best practice and continuous development whilst continually monitoring its stated goals.

The current Kabi Kabi Board of Directors is as follows:

Left to right; Lyndelle Beezley, Uncle Trevor Draper, Rose Houston,  Ronald Binge    Robin McArthur